Interior Design

Courtney Ajinça transforms your vision into an exquisite affair.

Courtney Ajinça has always had an appreciation for luxury interiors that are bold, unique, and remarkably curated. She uses her keen sought after eye for design with which she executes flawless events for her celebrity clients and translates that into high-end designs that tell a story unique to the homeowner throughout every room of a home.

Her timeless and luxurious decorative style, attention to detail and customer service  ensure that her designs result in perfect reflections of her clients’ personalities and joys.

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Not sure how to stage your home or add the finishing touches to a room? We can curate unique accessories for your space and craft a color scheme that creates continuity throughout your home. For complete remodel, custom cabinetry and fixtures will be carefully selected to achieve your dream design.


Not sure how to stage your commercial property and attract high end renters ? Courtney Ajinça speaks to the client's perception of luxury. Whatever that may be, we are here to get the job done and transform your beautiful property into a luxurious space. Each space is unique, demanding it's own accessories, furniture and overall composition of these carefully selected pieces. Your commercial property is no exception.